Visit our Book Fair – 10/21 – 10/25

Whitesburg will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair next week, Monday, October 21 through Friday, October 25 during school hours.

The book fair will be OPEN LATE on Monday, October 21 during the Fall Festival (6pm – 8pm).

Students have the opportunity to visit the book fair as a class to preview book fair items and to write a wish list that will come home with them. Wish lists are just that, wishes! They give you an opportunity to discuss what your student saw at fair and decide if you’d like to make any purchases. Students generally shop the fair in the second half of the week.

Our teachers also make wish lists! If you’d like to purchase a book to donate to your student’s classroom library, a book fair volunteer can help them make a selection with the money you send in. We’ll also include a “Donated By” inscription, so your student can leave a legacy of being a reader in their classroom.

Speaking of volunteers, parent volunteers play an essential role in a successful book fair. We need Preview Assistants at the beginning of the week to help students write their wish lists, and we need Shopping Assistants at the end of the week to help students make their selections and remain within their budget. Please contact our librarian, Mrs. Wolfe, to volunteer.

When students shop they can use cash, check, or the recently introduced the e-wallet option. There is no tax added to book fair purchases, so cash and checks can be sent in exact amounts. If you’d like to try the eWallet option, you create an account at home and add funds, then your child is able to access those funds when they shop. From the website:

“When you create an eWallet, the amount you select as your student’s spending limit will appear as a temporary hold (or pending charge) on your credit card and will be reflected in your available balance. You will only be charged for what is purchased, and after the book fair ends, the hold will expire and the funds will be released back to your credit card.”

This is a great option if you don’t want your child to bring cash to school.

Learn more about the eWallet and other book fair information on our book fair website:

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